Quality Assurance

Dhofar Cement is a Company driven by quality consciousness and efficiency. At Dhofar cement quality is assured through systematic and effective adoption, implementation, monitoring and continuous enhancement of quality control systems using latest methods of analyses. All stages of the production process right from the selection of raw materials, processing of materials and the finished product are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that each bag of cement is of the highest quality.

All staff is highly qualified and well trained with highest level of technical competence in their respective fields in order to achieve an efficient and smooth production process which is necessary for ensuring quality.

Apart from the usual quality control equipment, Dhofar Cement laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies such as X-ray Fluorescent Analyzers and Diffractometers. By virtue of this equipment, the Company has been able to consistently produce better quality cement than is currently available in the country.

Based on these standards, quality is checked under the strict production process control at each point : at purchase and when receiving incoming materials, throughout the production process and the completed product. The cement produced by Dhofar Cement conforms to the product specification defined under Oman, British, European and American Standards

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