Mohammed Ahmed Tahir Est. - LIMESTONE

M/s Mohammed Ahmed Tahir Est. also our sister concern. Pursuing limestone quarry is in operation at Mughasail Area, salalah nearly 30 kms far from our cement factory. Which has been license under M/s Mohammed Ahmed Tahir Est. And total area is allotted about 150000 Sq. Meter from Ministry of Metals and Mineral. We have reserve material 3 million Metric ton, there is provision also after using of 70 % of reserve material we can go for extension, presently per day production capacity is 5000 MT.

Our mines are well equipped with the latest and most required techniques of mining and blasting. We can deliver demands of any quantity without any dilemma. We have enough recourses and facilities for large scale quarrying for instant and wholesale delivery.

We consider ourselves privileged to work with a premium raw material and believe in honouring its pedigree through first-class processes and techniques to deliver a premium product range. We subject all of our processes to rigorous and regular qu ality control checks, from inspection of material, through monitoring of the entire mines operation to final quality approval and guarantee of our end products.