Dhofar Cement Company LLC. - CEMENT

Dhofar Cement Company currently manufacturers bulk Portland Type I cement is a building product that is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of applications from sidewalks to large structures. This is suited for projects that are going to be utilized quickly. This product is designed for rapid hydration which enables pre-cast or pre-stress forms to be removed in a short time. All of our products are in compliance with ASTM requirements.

Once the “New clinker plant” is set up, production will increase manifold and at the same time will result in reduction in the cost of clinker by 50%. Incidentally, we wish to mention that, at present we are purchasing “Clinker” from “M/S Raysut Cement Factory” Salalah. Besides, we have made plans for setting up the second “Cement Mill” which will also take care of the “additional Production” of cement upon setting up the “New Clinker plant”.

We have a good “Customer base” in the “Dhofar Region” and at any given time our “Cement Stocks” are almost “NIL” as our entire production of cement on a daily basis is dispatched immediately to our regular “Customers” in the “Dhofar Region”.

As Such, we are just taking off towards expansion of our “Cement Plant” through setting up of “New Clinker Plant”. Besides, we have started a new “Gypsum Quarry” at Thumrait” and Limestone Quarry at Muqhasail which will cater in full to our requirements of “Gypsum & Limestone” for manufacture of “Cement”. We are engaged in the domestic and international merchandising activities for natural gypsum and limestone export on behalf our sister concerns M/s. Dhofar Mining Co. LLC and M/s. Mohammed Ahmed Tahir EST.

All the above efforts will fetch us a lower cost of “Cement” thereby boosting up our “Net profit” in the “Near future”.

Our company has “Skilled workforce” in our “Cement plant” as well as other ‘Managers’ and “Accounts/Administration” staff. Our Total staff strength at present is around 70 nos.

We have at present our “Banking facilities” with “M/S AHLI Bank” and “Bank Muscat”. However, as we are in the process of rapid expansion in our activities, we are looking for new Banking facilities.

Incidentally, we wish to mention that there are only two cement companies in “Dhofar Region” and three companies in the whole of “OMAN” viz……….. M/S Oman Cement Company, M/S Raysut Cement Factory and M/S Dhofar Cement Company. As such, considering the extent of demand for cement from the market Vis -A-Vis the number of companies in “Oman”, we perceive a very bright future for our company.

However, as we are in the take-off stage, we need additional facilities to stabilize our operation in the next couple of years to ensure a clean “Turnaround” in our operations.