Dhofar Mining Company LLC. - GYPSUM

M/s Dhofar Mining Company is a sister concern of our M/s Dhofar Cement Co. LLC. Since 2013 onwards Gypsum Crusher in Thumrait Area, 70 Kms out skirts of Salalah. Which allotted by Ministry of Commerce on Royalty base, There is no any rental for this area, Total Area allotted to Dhofar Mining Company LLC is 150,000 Sq Meter for unlimited time.

We have reserve material 3 million Metric ton, there is provision also after using of 70 % of reserve material we can go for extension, presently per day production capacity is 3500 MT, with dual line crusher setup.

We provide superior quality material manufactured by experienced engineers, supervisors and skilled labours along with state of art technology. We assure you that we will maintain your confidence in us about the finest quality material produced as per requirement of our customers.

Past year onwards we are exporting to our esteemed international customers in India, Indonesia and UAE etc. Transportation from quarry to seaport yard by our own trailers. And we plan out business plans to enter a new country and we are pleased with our performance and the rate at which we have been achieving our targets.

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